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Monday, July 25, 2011

3 days 2 night in Phuket ! - FIRST DAY-


Things to do in Phuket???

A lot of activities I would suggest to you guys ok....a lot;

Arrive in the airport, we quickly take a cab to Patong beach which takes around 40 minutes from the airport. Fees for the cab actually free because we takes 1500baht (RM150) island tour in the airport also free transport form hotel to jetty and jetty to hotel. Ok, convenient la this fare ok! so for 4 person , it would cost you around 6000 baht (RM600) looks expensive but HEY its for 4 person plus the transport and food ok!

ok la we arrive at our boutique hotel (Ruen Buathong) but so early in the morning cannot check in, so we go jalan cari makan lah....orang hotel tolong tahan kan "tuk-tuk"....mahal jugak naik "tuk-tuk" ni 200 baht (RM20) yang ini memang mahal sebabnya bontot kami duduk tak sempat panas dah sampai destination and the fare is like killing me so near but @*&^~!:((((

SAVENEE restaurant...very da yummy try dis when go to PHUKET! k ....near masjid! RECOMMENDED also @ cheap prices!! @__@

dont want to naik "tuk-tuk" anymore....so we try to rent a motorbike...vvvvrrrooooom, guest what is the rent for whole 1 day??? well it just cost you only 200 baht (rm20) same price with "tuk-tuk" but as a guarantee I have to left my passport there.....sangat susah hati when they ask to tinggalkan pasport....then the owner show us a whole bunch of pasport to me.....they do take pasport as a collateral ....their reason is because some of the motorbike they found involve in accident, some missing, and bla2x....so, I tinggal la my pasport...:(( so sedey luckily nothing happen to us....weeeeeee! so happy riding motorcycle....:P

we all jalan-jalan sekitar Patong Beach....yabedabedduuuuu....

Hard Rock Cafe in Patong Beach!!

Habis pusing Patong Beach, we decide to go to Phuket town by riding our motor which takes around 40 minutes very far a way ...ok

already arrive in Phuket town looks like rabun mata tengok barang nak di shoping....hokey....so many baju for very cheap price!

Tiruan punya bags....but the design so chicky and nice for me..... Ok below adalah hasil belian barang2x cik sri.....aiyak cakap tak da duit but end up dia paling banyak shoping aiyoooo!

Langit cerah ok.......30 minutes later, it become like this....:( but we enjoy the rain tapi kena hati-hati hujan-hujan bawak motor bahaya tahu!

Ini orang budget cute....:P

Alamak on the way back to Patong Beach hujan lebat turun mencurah-curah....hehe have to berteduh then jumpa 7-eleven so dapat lah rain coat ni for 29baht (RM2.90) cheap2x! huhuu.....so dapat meneruskan perjalanan eventhough hujan selebat-lebatnya.....ada berani??? but my advice better tunggu hujan reda ok!

singgah sekejap take a picture dekat sini!!:P

At last sampai jugak dekat hotel...setelah we all redah segala hujan badai, alhamdulillah rasa sangat letih ok! sampai hotel around 5pm.....heehehehe


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